Founded in 2007, MasterKey English is a group of professional native English language trainers with more than 60 years of combined experience and vocation who provide highly personalized, practical and enjoyable English language training programs. Our communicative based, dynamic programs are revolutionizing the way the English language is learned, acquired, and, more importantly perhaps, retained
We specialize in helping our students acquire and perfect their English language communication skills with personalized training programs. We study your current level, needs, and what it is that you want to learn. We then work together with you to design and teach the most appropriate program for you.
Furthermore, our Academic Acceleration team consists of former United States university writing tutors and school teachers who understand very well the level of academic performance required to succeed in top schools and how to prepare their students for that challenging road. Our students have been accepted to top schools such as Stanford in California, MIT in Boston, Georgia Tech in Atlanta and Bath in the UK.
Most of our teachers also have previous real world business experience working in politics, advertising, online media, law, and banking among other fields in either the USA, UK and Australia to draw from when working with our business focused students.
We have ample experience in designing and teaching effective personalized English language training programs for the entrepreneurial, medical and technology sectors.
At MasterKey English we work as coaches and focus on reinforcing your existing knowledge base of English while correcting your speaking, pronunciation and grammar mistakes.
MasterKey English also gives you practical training tips to help you perfect your English.
We are based in Bilbao and give in person classes in the Bilbao metropolitan area, all over the Basque Country, Madrid and Barcelona. We also offer online classes via Skype or similar tools and create lessons for the digital realm which you can find here on our blog.
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