redactanto inglés
We help you learn to write in English with the confidence of knowing that you are expressing what you really want to say and all from the comfort of your computer.masterKey english helps you improve your writing skills without having to leave your home or office.We offer several online writing courses where we evaluate your writing skills, correct your mistakes and show you how to improve your specific areas of need.

We help with the following types of writing:

– Cambridge
– Business
– Medical
– Academic (School, University)
– Currículum CV
– Doctoral Thesis
– Long academic essays
Using email, Google Drive or Dropbox we work together on your particular writing needs. We either send you writing assignments for you to complete or we can work on your real world tasks.
How does it work?
We send you a task or you facilitate one of your real would tasks.
You write the writing
We point out areas for you to improve
You rewrite the task incorporating our comments and suggestions and send it back to us
We give you a final grade and an example of the same task written by a native.
These classes are available in person in Bilbao, Spain and online everywhere.